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Avrora Group supports these proud steps taken by the Republic of Azerbaijan for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, and declares that it always stands by our glorious Army and proud people.

During this sensitive period, Avrora has handed over 5 ISUZU trucks to the N military unit of our Army for the use by our mighty Army. Furthermore, other trucks have been made ready after inspection of their compliance with the conditions of mobilization.

Avrora Group also has handed over a truckload of food products to the N military unit located in Beylagan to support our Army.

We should proudly note that more than 100 employees of Avrora Company have gone to the front line to protect our motherland and liberate our lands from occupation. Like everyone else, we expect their news of future victory.

The Avrora Group, which has always stood by the state, people and army of Azerbaijan, will continue to take all necessary steps in this direction. Karabakh is Azerbaijan!

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