One of the main advantages of the Aurora Group is the construction of a production facility that meets the highest requirements of local and international standards. All production lines are located on the Absheron Peninsula - Hokmeli Industrial Centre. This ensures the delivery of products to all parts of the country and the maximum efficiency of logistics processes. The quality of products is ensured by the use of the world's leading production technologies. Austrian Buhler, Italian Imafoni and CFT equipment has been installed at the plants operating in the Industrial Centre. Moreover, equipment belonging to Favo (Italy) has been installed at the pasta factory, while equipment belonging to Austrian company France Haaz has been installed in the waffle factory.

We use only new technologies and constantly improve production processes. Quality control of both the finished product and production processes is carried out accurately and ensures the best quality of our products.

Energy drinks

In 2014, Aurora Group commissioned a new carbonated beverage plant. Thus, the Company came to the forefront of the carbonated beverage market. The plant has been constructed based on the latest production equipment in this area, belonging to the Italian brand CFT. At the carbonated beverage plant, Aurora Group produces Bison, Berg, Go, Bingo, Jaguar and Chinarli brands and introduces to the market.

Pasta production

In 2002, Avrora Group completed the construction of the pasta factory. With the beginning of the production, our nation got familiar with our national brand – Doymak, and this product became a favourite of all. Currently, the monthly production capacity of the pasta factory is 3200 tonnes. Given the demand of the population, Avrora Group started the construction of a new pasta factory in 2019. The factory was equipped with the most modern equipment. The factory produces Lafarella, Tanelli and other brands along with the Doymak brand. The factory is capable of producing 11 different varieties of short-cut pasta and 2 varieties of spaghetti

Biscuits production

The biscuit factory of Aurora Group was launched in late 2002. The Italian Imphony line, the most modern technological equipment for production, has been installed in this factory. The factory has a production capacity of 800 tonnes per month with a cracker and waffle line. Favourite brands of buyers such as Kreki, Sladyaona, Colibri, Sladok and Наш малочник (Nash malochnik) are produced in this factory.

Flour production

In 2017, Aurora Group commissioned the largest and the most modern flour mill and feed mill complex in the Caucasus. This complex has been equipped with Austrian Buhler equipment. In addition to the production of flour for the new pasta plant and biscuit factory, the complex provides production facilities of other partner companies with feedstock. The monthly flour production capacity of the mill is 6500 tonnes. The plant produces 1, 2 and 5 kg of packaged flour called Doymak to meet the demand of the population.

Carbon Dioxide production

In 2020, "Avrora Group" brought the most modern carbon production equipment of the Turkish company "KGS" to our country and put it into operation in 2021. The equipment of "Alfa Laval", "KGS", "Johnson Control" was installed in the Carbon Factory. The Carbon Factory supplies the Beverage Factory with raw materials and produces carbon for sale. Carbon Factory "Bizon", "Berg", "Yagur", "Bingo", "Stolichnaya", "Strong", "Go Gold", "Go Silver", "Jara", "CarlsBerg", "NZS", "TAC" MMC", provides CO2 gas to brands such as "A+Co".