One of the main advantages of the "Aurora" is its own production, which is carried out in accordance with the highest requirements of local and international standards. All production lines are concentrated within the Absheron peninsula, which ensures maximum efficiency of logistics processes. We use the equipment of leading world manufactures in production, which ensure the first-class quality of the products.

We use only advanced technologies and constantly improve production processes. Quality control is carried out very precisely and covers not only the products, but also production processes at each stage, as well as raw materials and its suppliers. In this way, we guarantee the perfection of our products.

Energy drinks

In 2015, we established a production line for energy drinks, which is distinguished by its flexibility and high productivity. The production capacity is an average of 10,000 cans per hour. The production is fully provided with hygienic certificates and certificates of conformity. The production process is carried out by a highly qualified team of 29 people.

BizonEnergy BizonEnergy


Pasta is produced by our company since 2002. In the range of more than 15 types and brands, which covers almost all varieties and types of pasta. The productivity is more than 2 tons per hour. The services are provided by 37 specialized specialists. Products are fully certified.

Lafarella Lafarella

Biscuits production

In 2013, Aurora has started a production of biscuits, which consisted of three lines and one shop. The assortment has divisions for the production of more than 24 forms of biscuits with a capacity of 1.5 t/h, three-, five-, seven- and nine-layer wafers - 300 kg/h, crackers-130 kg/h, sweet biscuits - more 150 kg/hour. 150 specialists in biscuit production are involved in the processes. The production is fully provided with the certificates of hygiene and accordance with the standards.

Kreki Kreki


The production of flour started in 2002.  Packaging of the first and second flour type is carried out in a package of 1, 2 and 5 kg. The production capacity is about 2 tons of products per hour.