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The glorious Army of Azerbaijan has been swaying history in Karabakh for more than a month. Our victorious army is constantly advancing and liberating our occupied lands. At the same time, along with our heroes fighting on the front, supporting steps are being taken on the rear.

Avrora Group has met with the families of its employees who have gone to the military service and demonstrated heroism for our country, and interested in their problems. In addition, the Company has provided food aid to each family.

It should be noted that about 100 employees of the Avrora family are demonstrating heroism in the frontline. The head of each department and division regularly speaks on the phone with our employees at the front and expresses the support of our Company.

The Avrora Group, which has always stood by the state, people and army of Azerbaijan, will continue to take all necessary steps in this direction. Karabakh is Azerbaijan!

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