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In accordance with the value of “Social Public Responsibility”, Avrora Group delivered food aid and sacrificial share to children's homes, women's and children's shelters on the occasion of Eid al-Adha. This time the Company has delivered food parcels and sacrificial share to “Nur” children's home located in Shusha campus of Ramana settlement, Azerbaijan Children's Union – Children's Shelter Reintegration Centre located in 8th district, women's and children's shelter under the Public Union for Assistance to Orphans and Women located in Bilajari settlement.

It should be noted that the “Corporate Social Responsibility” Programme of 2021 focuses on orphans, and a number of actions are being taken in this direction. The aim of the Programme is to support children with low social security in various directions, to pay them a constant attention and to be the cause of their smiles.