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On the occasion of June 1- Children’s Day, Avrora Group delighted children living in Nur children’s house and in a children’s shelter. So, committed to the value of “Social and public responsibility”, the Company has carried out the traditional “Let’s know Azerbaijan” project.

Within the project children being settled in Nur children’s house visited Gabala region. Children used various attractions in Gabalaland entertainment centre located in Gabala region, and played entertaining games. Later they participated in a holiday party organized by Avrora Group in a relaxation centre situated in Vandam village. Here children spent an enjoyable time, playing different games. In the end, various toys were given to each child.      

Note that every year, allocating a special place for children in the corporate social responsibility programme of 2022 Avrora Group has planned to continue a range of events in this direction. The purpose is to create a smile on the faces of children and support them in a variety of areas by being with them.

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