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January 20 is a heroic chronicle of the Azerbaijani population. The people of Azerbaijan appreciate the selflessness of their heroic sons and remember their memory with deep respect on January 20 every year. The crimes committed against the Azerbaijani people on the night of January 19-20, 1990, the bloodshed and the brutal murder of the people did not break the determination of the Azerbaijani people to fight for independence. That night, the people of Azerbaijan declared their invincibility, loyalty to the Motherland, the land, the determination to fight for freedom to the whole world.

Every year, the tragedy of January 20 is remembered by Azerbaijanis in our country, as well as around the world. The team of Aurora Group visited the Alley of Martyrs to commemorate our martyrs who showed heroism for the Motherland. The management and staff of the Company visited the monument to the martyrs of January 20 and commemorated our martyrs.