About us

about vision


Being in continuous development by turning wishes of our customers into reality, paying attention to the well-being of the our team

about mision


Leader food supplier of future generation

about value


  1. Honesty and professionalism - Establishing a fair working environment by creating equal opportunities for our employees, further strengthening the traditions of distribution, production and retail through healthy competition and professional service
  2. Customer orientation - We always focus on rights, wishes and desires of our customers and employees by respecting their interests;
  3. Sustainable development and excellence – Keeping in mind that future development depends on innovation, we always apply the latest innovations in our activities, take bold steps on the path to success and always strive for the best;
  4. Unity and commitment - We always get our strength from our team being committed to the values of our Company
  5. Social-public responsibility - To be useful to the society and the environment, to be remembered by social projects, as well as to ensure the material and spiritual well-being of our employees.