Brand Manager
Brand Manager



Based on interviews



Analyze competitors, trends, innovations and generally of the market (domestic and international);

Elaborate a strategy for brand development;

Develop and launch new products and brands to the market from scratch;

Define the parameters of existing incompatible products of the collection, solve current issues with the relevant departments and create a new set of values for consumers;

Preparation of the budget for brands and products from scratch, tracing expected profitability and efficiency;

Prepare portfolio price policy and determine products sales conditions;

Organize and conduct various marketing events (advertising and promotion campaigns);

Coordinate work with manufacturers and contractors (Coordination Procurement Department);

Coordinate the work of employees in submission (Trade Marketing Managers, etc.);

Prepare and coordinate sales and production plans with the relevant departments;

Develop a scheme for the sale of products (or even from the creation of new sales units to the optimization of existing sales channels).



Russian, English language proficiency;

MS Office programs proficiency;

Ability to work with information;

3 years experience in the marketing sector. Experience as a Brand manager is necessary;

Experience as a FMCG Brand manager is an advantage.



Full time work schedule I-V, 2 days off a week;

Lunch at the expense of the company;

Salary is determined by agreement between the two parties.