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Avrora Trade Company has been established in November 1, 1993. The Company was rebranded and re-registered as Aurora LLC in 2001 in order to expand its activities. Aurora has started its activity by distributing the products of local and foreign factories and plants in our country. Aurora Group is currently one of the leading distribution companies in our country.

Aurora Group currently operates in 3 areas - distribution, production and retail.  The portfolio of Aurora Group, a reliable partner of international companies, plants and factories, includes leading companies such as Danone, Ehrman, Rolton, Hochland, Chivas, Glenfiddich.  In order to carry out the distribution activity more professionally and continuously, Aurora has local offices in Ganja, Lankaran, Barda, Guba, Goychay, Sheki and Saatli, with its headquarters in Baku. The Company has logistics centres with a total area of 20,437 sq. / m. Aurora Distributor currently sells more than 800 brands to more than 12,000 outlets.

Aurora Group is also one of the leading production companies in Azerbaijan. Aurora Group has a Pasta Factory, a Confectionery Factory, a Soft Drinks Factory and a Flour and Feed Factory.