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Always remembered for innovations, Avrora Group continues to implement projects related to the application of international standards. Thus, the Company has passed the "Food Safety System Certification 22000 - FSSC 22000" certification for carbon dioxide production within the ISO certification program and the enterprise has been certified. This certification is an internationally recognized ISO certification program for the verification of food safety systems for food producers at each stage of the food chain.

With the obtained FSSC 22000 certificate for carbon dioxide production, the enterprise gained the following advantages:

recognition by organizations involved in the global supply chain;

mutual recognition of conformity assessment results and creation of opportunities to export products to international markets;

identification of potential hazards at all stages of the business process, timely prevention and obtaining opportunities to reduce food safety risks;

formation of the image of a manufacturer of quality and safe products and other benefits and advantages.

 It should be noted that in 2020, Avrora Group brought the most modern carbon production equipment of Turkish company "KGS" to our country and put it into operation in 2021. The equipment of "Alfa Laval", "KGS", "Johnson Control" was installed in the Carbon Factory. The Carbon Factory supplies the Beverage Factory with raw materials and produces carbon for sale. Carbon Factory provides brands such as "Bison", "Berg", "Jaguar", "Bingo", "Stolichnaya", "Strong", "Go Gold", "Go Silver", "Jara", "CarlsBerg", "NZS", "TAC MMC" and "A+Co" with CO2 gas.