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Every year, February 15 is celebrated as World Childhood Cancer Day in the world and in our country. In this regard, the whole world is trying to bring joy and smiles to children suffering from cancer and their families.

To draw attention to today, to show that we are with children suffering from cancer, the team of Aurora Group visited the children being treated at the Pediatric Oncology Clinic. The children were presented with toys and various gifts to make them happy and support them. In addition, cartoon characters were invited to the meeting to entertain the children and lift their moods.

Aurora Group has set a goal to continue a series of activities in this direction, giving special place to children in the corporate social responsibility plan for 2020. The aim is to put a smile on faces of children with poor social security, martyrs and orphans and to support them in different directions.

Note that, Aurora Group has been operating as a distributor and distribution company since 1993. Moreover, the Company is one of the largest food producers in our country. The Aurora Group has a pasta factory, a confectionery factory, a beverage factory, and a flour and feed factory. Aurora Group also includes Bolmart and Grandmart supermarkets, one of the largest network of markets in our country.