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If we look at the experience of advanced countries and companies, we can see that their progress is determined by science and education. It is the level of intellectual capital and science that brings countries and companies to the peak of leadership. The Avrora Group will invest in human capital in 2021 in accordance with the "Sustainable Development and Excellence" and "Social and Public Responsibility" clauses mentioned in the values ​​of the Company.

Under the training motto "Perfection is possible", Avrora Group has already started a series of trainings. The trainings were initially held with the participation of the management. The trainers invited from abroad shared their knowledge and experience at the training held at JW Marriot Hotel.

One of the 7 main strategic goals of Avrora Group's Business Strategy is to develop the knowledge and skills of its employees. As part of the Employee Development Programme, 2,482 people will be involved in trainings to be held in 2021. The trainings will be held mainly in three directions. 13 general types of training have been identified for the first direction. This includes Excel, English language, Corporate Behaviour, Resource Management, ISO Certification, and more. In the second direction, 70 specific trainings are envisaged, including trainings related to the performance of job functions. In the third direction, 18 trainings are designed to further develop managing knowledge and skills of the management. Trainers from our country and abroad will be involved in trainings.

The main goal of Avrora Group in implementing the Employee Development Programme is to train more educated people for our country, as well as to create a corporate and professional team within the Company.